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Promotional URLs

Watch this short video to see how to market your fundraising URLs

Click the Settings tab if you want to set a custom affiliate link (slug)!

We heavily recommend using a third-party site to create customized short URLs for your affiliate link. While our affiliate system is simple to use and our referral links are quite short and intuitive, they don’t necessarily say who you are. If you want a more personalized link that you can track even better, feel free to use a third-party URL shortener. We recommend our powerful URL shortener: or either the following: These are sites that we know you can customize your short link and do some additional tracking of that link. See below for an example screenshot from

Graphics for sharing your fundraiser on social media coming SOON!

The Custom Affiliate Slug allows you to set your Affiliate ID (See URLs Tab) to something more logical and useful. So, instead of an affiliate like like, your link could be something more like, or something easier to remember. Don’t be too vague with your custom slug. They must be unique and you don’t want it to be something that someone would accidentally key incorrectly, giving a different affiliate the credit for the sales.

Once you set your Custom Affiliate Slug, it will display in the URLs tab on this page. You can change your slug any time, but remember, if you have been giving links out, they will no longer work. Please let us know if you have any questions!