Inspired by the high prices and lackluster designs of other boring senior gear, was designed to offer more dynamic apparel designs, additional gifts and jewelry at great prices, while also providing a way for schools to benefit from the gear they purchase. We can also assist with fundraisers by providing great designs for shirts and other apparel in bulk. Contact us if you need us to help you with a fundraiser or any other apparel needs.

… to provide attractive apparel so you can show pride in your upcoming graduation and still look good while earning money for their own school/class at the same time. The major providers like Jostens and Herff Jones all have agents that are assigned to you. They are the middle man getting a cut of everything you order. With GradOutlet, you can eliminate the middle man and keep that cut for yourself!
You shouldn’t feel bullied or obligated to purchase your senior gear from the big providers like Jostens and Herff Jones. They typically don’t provide any great styles or allow your school to earn from the items sold. Your relationship with GradOutlet is intended to last for years. We hope you will sign your class up as Freshmen (or earlier) and continue to earn commissions on what we sell that entire time!

We want our success to be your success!

We promise to provide the highest quality of products to help you celebrate your commencement. We want you to be loud and proud about your graduation. If you aren’t satisfied with any product from GradOutlet, let us know and we will work to make it right as quickly as possible.

Stylish Apparel

Awesome Full-Color Design. No thick sticky print.

Full color designs

Because our single purchase shirts are created on-demand, they are printed using a process called “Direct-To-Garment.” This allows us to create more intricate and colorful designs than you normally see with standard screen-printed apparel. Our printing process is guaranteed to last a long time and stand up to many washes. It will also not feel as thick as some screen printed shirts feel making for an even more comfortable wear.


Place large orders and earn even more money for your class

Place larger silkscreen orders and make big $$$

If you have an idea for a larger order, we can help you design and print on a larger scale. This helps you get your cost way down allowing you to make even more when you resell those shirts. These are more typically silk screen shirts with limited colors, but even with 3-5 colors, you can really make a great looking shirt and keep good control over your costs. Let us know how we can help your next apparel fundraiser.

Signature Shirts

Create a signature shirt for your class, group, organization, etc.

Shirts Full of Memories

Similar to our bulk order apparel, you can use our pre-made templates to create an amazing signature shirt that will bring back memories for years. Use this for your class, or for an organization, or an individual event. These could even be used for class or family reunions. The options are limitless. Have an idea? Let us know. We’ll be glad to help you figure out an awesome solution.