Customization Elements

Choosing Icons

Some of our items, including jewelry, sunglasses, and some other items will let you choose icons for engraving/printing. Using the graphic shown, you can select the icon you want to use by finding the grid coordinates of the icon you want us to use. Think of it like a game of battleship. If your school mascot is a pirate, and you want us to add a pirate icon to your item, you would choose E-4 in your customization options at purchase. Some of our items allow for multiple icons. Be sure to read your item descripion carefully and be prepared when you order!

Choosing Fonts

Some of our items will let you choose the font you would like your engraving/printing done in. Refer to our hand-picked selection of our favorite fonts that we think will make any customization look great.

Choose from a selection of block fonts or script fonts for your customization.

Some of our customizable items do not allow you to choose your font even though you may be adding custom text. Generally, these items have fonts that are designed to work well with the associated design. If you really feel that you want a specific font, you can let us know in the comments during your order. We’ll be glad to work with you to get you exactly what you want!

Uploading your files

Some of our designs, including, but not limited to, custom shoes, will allow you to upload YOUR MASCOT! If you want to upload your mascot for us to use on a design, you DO NOT have to upload it at the time of purchase, although you can if you have your graphic ready to go. You can upload your graphic to us using our contact us link at the top of any page at any time.

If you choose to send your logo after ordering, be sure to make a note on the order that you will be sending the file to us. When you do actually send us the file, be sure to include your order number so we can quickly reconcile your held order and get your item into production as quickly as possible.

Ready to upload your file now?

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Where to find your mascot…

When you want to send us your mascot for a customized item, there are a few things to know. Assuming you do not already have a copy of your school’s mascot/logo graphic, you will need to contact someone who does.

There are several options here. You can contact the school’s athletic director, student council sponsor, or basically any staff member or coach who might have used the logo in previous fund-raisers or other uses. If your school has a booster club that is easy to reach, they may have what you need. Parent-Teacher organizations might have it as well.

You may also know someone who has printed or embroidered clothing, or other marketing items for the school. If you know anyone like this, there is a good chance they will have what you need. Some schools even make their mascots/logos freely available on their website. 

We may decide in the future to keep a database of logos that we already have. Check back when you decide to order if we have a published list.


File Specifications

Once you think you have a file, or if you are getting ready to request a file from the school or organization, you should know what you need to get the best out of your customization order. 

Your file preferably needs to be a TRANSPARENT. This is typically a .png file. Vector images are also recommended. These would be file types: .ai, .eps, or raw photoshop file (.psd). If you choose to send a .jpg, or .jpeg, or .gif, make sure the logo is on a contrasting background that will be easy for our designers to remove. If part of your logo is white and it’s on a white background, this will cause issues.

Lastly, make sure your file is a fairly large image. Preferred print quality is 300dpi. So, if you estimate your logo will be printed in a 3″ x 3″ area on an item, it really needs to be at least 900px by 900px or larger. Obviously, the larger the better – especially if you cannot send a transparent or vector file. We recommend nothing smaller than 1000px on the smallest side or send in a vector format and uploads must be less than 15MB in size.

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